Email marketing

We are in the business of marketing - not spamming

Managed email marketing is cost effective

Our managed email marketing service takes away all the worry and bring you all the benefits. From list management to return on investment (ROI) reporting we can take care of it all.

What is email marketing?

Put simply, it is reaching out to your customers by email. Sounds simple, but once you need to contact a few hundred people you need something to manage the process. Even more so when your lists get into the tens or hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

How do GB IT Solutions help?

We do everything possible to ensure that your email reaches the recipient, that they interact with it and have incredible reports to show you what works and what doesn’t.

  • List management – from the initial import of any email addresses you have collected, list building, managing bounced emails and unsubscribers, our solution does it all.
  • Creative design – we can ensure your email is as seductive as possible. From the subject line, imagery and content we take time to give your email the best possible chance of being opened and interacted with. We are also able to test variations on your email such as a different subject line on a portion of your subscribers before choosing the best version to send out to the rest!
  • Delivery – With good design, spam testing, authentication and relationships with ISP’s, we do everything possible to help ensure that more of your emails are delivered to your subscribers inbox and not their spam folder.
  • ROI Analytics – powerful reporting allows you to see in real time who is opening your emails and what links they are clicking. At the end of your campaign, we can offer further reports including ecommerce transactions, registrations or any other business goals the email was targeted for by combining the email and web analytics reports. We are Google qualified in their Analytics packages (click here for confirmation)

Do you reach out and engage your existing customers by email?

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