Pay Per Click Advertising or PPC

Google PPC and Facebook Ads can and do work

Pay per click 'can' work

If you have tried Pay Per Click advertising before, then know this... it doesn’t have to cost that much!

Why do we say it doesn't have to cost that much? Simply because whenever we mention pay per click advertising to new customers we hear the same two stories:

  1. They have been tricked into paying a company £xxx per month for them to guarantee page one rankings which turned out to be done using pay per click and they didn’t see a great return because instead of spending that £xxx on the ads, they kept it as a fee for managing their ads
  2. They signed up for Google adwords using one of those vouchers for £30 free you see everywhere and then proceeded to blow a few hundred pounds (or more) before realising they were spending so much.

Why or when should you use Pay Per Click (PPC)?

There are times when search engine optimisation is not enough, at those times we turn to Pay Per Click. The main two players in the UK PPC market are Google (Adwords) and Facebook (Ads).

How do GB IT Solutions help?

We ensure that you are using the PPC adverts effectively by working with you to accurately measure the ROI (return on investment) of each keyword or phrase you are bidding on. By analysing what is working and what isn’t, we can re-allocate your budget to other keywords to make the ads really count for you. We are Google qualified in their Analytics packages (click here for confirmation)

So do you just send us more visitors?

No. The idea isn’t to get as many visitors as possible (for 99.99% of sites anyway), the idea is to attract the right kind of visitors, have them arrive at a dedicated landing page and convert them into customers. If all we had to do was drive traffic to your site that would be easy.

Want to know how to attract new customers for pennies?

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