Social Media Marketing

It's not for every business but can be invaluable for others...

Social Media can be invaluable (sometimes)

Whether it is to drive traffic to your website of engage with exisiting customers.

There is no avoiding the rise (and fall) of Social Media and the impact it can have for business. Social Media Marketing is becoming an essential part of many businesses marketing strategy.

With approximately 200 social media sites in existence, we can help identify the right ones for your business. The major platforms we work with are Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Flickr. However, there are others within that 200 that are lesser known, industry specific social media platforms that could reap huge rewards for your particular market.

What could we do for you?


Create powerful content that people want to engage with. It is not all about pushing your sales message with social media.


We can target your content at particular age groups, sex, location, interests etc to ensure your message reaches your perfect audience.

Traffic and Leads

Our targeted messages will not only reach your audience but will cost effectively drive traffic and ultimately leads for your company.

Track and Measure

We can track links and visits to specific landing pages to measure the impact our social media strategy is having and tweak it accordingly.

Our social media service will help you to create a Social Media Marketing Strategy for your company. We will help you set goals and measuring the success of your social marketing with detailed reports.

Surely I can do my own Social Media Marketing?

Yes, you can and we encourage it - after all it is your business and you know it best. However, we would advise a consultation and look at training as there are many potential pitfalls along the way. By working with us to formulate a social media strategy or social media plan, your business can avoid those pitfalls and we can set you on the path to social media bliss.

Our Social Marketing Service includes:
  • creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • helping you set goals and measuring the success
  • Intial platform setup
  • Fan/Follower growth plans
  • Staff training and policy development
  • Moderate your online communities

Is your Social Media Marketing up to scratch?

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